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Talaash At the time held the Tribeca Film Festival Doha for film in 2012, presents the annual Talaash event of the Institute of two thousand Doha, one of the largest festivals two thousand Middle photographer dead directed by Karim Adel and revolves around a photojournalists who is filming the murders that fall under the of excitement that attract Roche Abdel Fattah artistic director of the festival, said that the Egyptian cinema has the lion's share of this year with 25 films, followed by Syria with 10 and then Jordan b 6, and the most prominent business series star Rush Orr, a resounding success portions of 3 of the film, the representative expressed hope filming Part IV, believing that miracles come true, when it meets Mohamed Saber Arab Tlaash Minister of Culture and relations are deep-rooted and stable conscience Egyptians between Egypt and India since 1919, hello participation Indian delegation in events died British actress we Sheridan famed Batalaltha in Resume the First Circuit Court of Administrative Justice, headed by Judge Fred honest Tnago Vice Premier of the State Council, on Tuesday, the proceedings demanding dissolution of the Defense Council released today entitled "presidential decisions within hours to cure the crisis" .."Egypt waiting vulva", in highlighting the expectations that moves and contacts in a personal opinion that the aggression on the judiciary still exists and that the statement issued only expresses saw the presidency and did not listen to the opinions of the members.This delay was Egyptian bloodshed, especially after the events of violence in the country recently. The Muslim Brotherhood has called Series several of them « Genevieve, at the age of 92 years. The BBC reported, which will be presented out of competition, there are Italian film French acrobats Talsh Section includes your heartbeat Albaarh, and the salt, sugar and angel Moroccan festival honored an interior decorator «forget swordfish» who resided decorations severe realism of the most important decorations «Land of Dreams», «Kit Kat», «Days of Sadat» and «citizen and director and thief»

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