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And deal as Ali explained Badri deal did not end officially until this moment accession player of castle red to strengn front and striker confirme de an outstanding player and fought a professional good Turkey as his contract with his team had Thy meaning deal unsaid free if successful tests physical and technical and denied and negotiations with midfielder Ibrahim stressing e outside his calculations, but stuck to midfield incoming stage and concluded coach remarks praising deal Ahmed Abdel resolved because work of contracts are confidential and silence and away from media while unveiling director of football international players will rest for 48 hours because everyone drills on Thursday andsame context looking for contesting friendly h during coming period next friendly Arab Contractors until it reaches players to a degree dependent fitness received him well and just has a yearning jerseys Red adding Captain had assured him e trusts his abilities and his adherence to his presence with team stage and refused striker talking about material things transaction and did not enter negotiations with him to compete deal, adding it vested nor health has not reported being belongs to return Premier League championship and passes on Jan. 26 good and pleases Trn verdicts and judgments are fair issue Port Said and takes perpetrators punished and concluded striker my previous remarks stressing his summit happiness to his presence a team of Mohammed adding it will make most effort to bring happiness public mention Abdul has participated over morning today and managed to score a goal in head won acclaim and greet fellow pitch

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